Air Emission Testing and Test Management

Focus personnel have been involved in over 300 trial burns, compliance tests, and permitting projects. Our overall capabilities in developing RCRA, TSCA, and air permit applications are supported by specialized expertise in test planning and management.

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Environmental Regulatory Compliance

Are you planning a new process; modifying an existing operation; needing to meet new regulatory requirements; or just trying to manage day-to-day monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting? Whatever the case, Focus engineers and scientists are ready to help when you need specific environmental skills and experience or when you just need help getting the job done.

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Combustion, Thermal Treatment, and Air Pollution Control Engineering

Focus personnel design, evaluate, and operate treatment technologies and air pollution control equipment for our clients. This capability extends to virtually all kinds of processes and air pollution control equipment. Hands-on experience enables us to very effectively evaluate and recommend alternative/comparable energy sources as well as troubleshoot combustion problems and air pollution control equipment.

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Environmental Remediation Management

Focus project managers average over 30 years of experience managing remediation projects, ranging from large hog and haul projects to complicated thermal projects involving multiple potentially responsible parties (PRP’s).

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Thermal Desorption Remediation Engineering

Focus is internationally recognized for our expertise in the application of thermal treatment technologies on the most demanding projects in the world. Focus has been involved in about 40% of the top 100 largest thermal remediation projects that have been conducted worldwide.

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Process Engineering

Focus personnel offer a unique blend of extensive process knowledge and regulatory compliance understanding that is brought to bear on the process development of technologies for regulated environments. Focus is also very effective at evaluating and troubleshooting operations.

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