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Focus personnel offer a unique blend of extensive process knowledge and regulatory compliance understanding that is brought to bear on the process development of technologies for regulated environments. Focus is also very effective at evaluating and troubleshooting operations.

Integrating a strong and diverse process and regulatory background, Focus engineers perform technology assessment studies for technological systems that are installed or being planned for regulated environments. Our engineers have conducted studies for technology evaluation, comparison, and selection, energy efficiency and recovery, throughput optimization and increased operational capacity, use of alternative reagents, emission inventories, and emissions impacts. Focus engineers design and evaluate most unit operations found in a regulated environment.

Design Basis

Focus engineers produce a design basis which establishes the foundation for developing system designs and regulatory permit applications. The design basis addresses the project objective(s); process technology; control philosophy; the nature of the site including environmental conditions; specific economic criteria; environmental requirements; safety, vessel, structural, and design standards; preferred equipment, motor, electrical, instrument, and control vendors; plant operation and maintenance philosophy; anticipated information flow among the parties involved; and infrastructure and offsite support facilities.

Technology Evaluation, Feasibility Studies, and Engineering Evaluations

Focus engineers have experience with numerous technologies that allow us to perform feasibility studies to determine the optimum technologies to produce an effective system for meeting client production and emission standards in a cost effective manner. Our mass and energy balance modeling capabilities form a solid basis for feasibility studies and subsequent design basis documentation. Focus more than 25 years of experience means we have seen most technologies and can assist with the evaluation and selection. Further, Focus performs evaluations to assist with value added assessments so that our designs are optimized for the project criteria within the established boundaries.

Process Modeling

Focus has developed an integrated system of proprietary process computer modeling programs to use in designing and evaluating a wide variety of combustion, air pollution control, and general chemical processing technologies. our in-house process engineering models perform chemistry, stoichiometry, emission estimation, pressure drop, energy and mass balance, and energy and reagent use calculations
Focus has developed models for estimating process air emissions, fugitive emissions from contaminated soil, water balances, contaminant of concern emissions concentration and destruction efficiency. We integrate screening air dispersion modeling into these results. Focus also licenses a number of process modeling software packages for specific unit operations such as packed column design. We can craft spreadsheet models for many processes to support optimization, troubleshooting, or upgrade design projects.

Process Design

Focus personnel have considerable experience in areas of environmental emissions control; waste treatment processes; and the related support systems. Focus’ combination of hands-on, consultative, and experiential approach leads to designs that meet owner’s operating objectives and are compliant with applicable regulations.
Following development of a sound design basis and after engineering evaluations and final selection of process technology (ies), Focus uses a front end engineering design (FEED) approach to generate a process design package suitable to the project needs that encompasses some, most, or all of the following engineering deliverables:

  • Block flow diagram
  • Mass and energy balance
  • Utility Requirements and Usages
  • Process flow diagrams (PFDs)
  • Process control diagrams (PCDs)
  • Piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs)
  • Equipment layout drawing
  • Equipment elevation drawings
  • Electrical one-line diagram
  • Process description
  • Process control description
  • Control Narrative
  • Control system architecture
  • Control logic diagram
  • Equipment list
  • Instrument list
  • Pipe line list
  • Valve list
  • Motor list
  • Tie-in List
  • I/O List
  • Equipment specifications
  • Instrument specifications
  • Piping specifications
  • Cause and Effect Diagram
  • Alarm and shutdown schedule
  • Instrumented Protective Functions
  • Functional Requirements
  • Plot Plan
  • Site Layout
  • Electrical Area Classification
  • Demolition Definition

Life Cycle Cost Estimation

To support the design process, Focus compiles capital and operating cost estimates throughout the development of the project. Early in the project, we will develop factored estimates for budgetary purposes. As the engineering develops, this estimate can be refined to a more definitive value.
Focus employs work breakdown structures, estimating techniques, and cost element structures to provide an estimate commensurate with the level of engineering and the needs of the project.
The cost estimate can factor in the cash flows and project schedule to deliver a net present value or net present cost.

Air Handling and Ventilation System Evaluations

Focus engineers have the tools and experience to evaluate fans, ductwork, hooding, and general air handling equipment associated with essentially any process. We can verify flow, pressure, temperature and basic gas stream composition in ductwork up to 3 ft in diameter and assess consistency with ACGIH guidelines. We are well versed in fan operation and identification of process bottlenecks in air handling systems.

Technical Support for Operations

Focus offers comprehensive technical support services to enhance the operating efficiency of new and existing environmental and production process systems while maintaining regulatory compliance and process safety.

Design, Procurement, and Construction Services

Focus supports the implementation of capital projects through the detail design, procurement, construction, startup, prove-out, and system turnover. This continuing involvement maintains the integrity of the process design and assures that regulatory requirements are met. This involvement may include fabrication inspections, factory acceptance testing, site acceptance testing, punch list development and proof of performance demonstration.

Process Hazard Analysis, Safety Management, and Risk Analysis

Whether for good engineering practice, company policy, or regulatory requirement under Process Safety Management (PSM), Focus employees can organize and lead process hazard analyses or assist in supporting the process as a subject matter expert. We understand the risk based approach and are familiar with many of the tools used including Hazard and Operability study (HAZOP), Fault Tree Analysis, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), checklist, what-if, and brainstorming.


Focus personnel have developed site specific training and provided classroom and hands-on training for operators, supervisors, and managers to meet regulatory compliance.