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SERDP and ESTCP Symposium – November 29 to December 2, 2022 / Arlington, VA

The SERDP & ESTCP and OE-Innovation Symposium is the nation’s largest conference focusing on the Department of Defense's priority environmental and installation energy issues. The Symposium brings together environmental and energy researchers and technology developers with the defense end-user and regulatory communities to showcase cutting edge environmental technologies and ideas. This year, the DoD Operational [...]

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A&WMA Virtual Conference – Climate Change 2022: Commitments to Actions – November 29-30, 2022

This virtual conference will address emerging policies and strategies for tackling climate change impacts, including mitigation, adaptation and resiliency. Other topics of interest are global GHG policies and initiatives; innovative technologies; and solutions for mitigation and adaptation. The conference will emphasize the types of climate commitments made following the 2021 COP26 meeting in Glasgow and [...]

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2022 AIChE Annual Meeting – November 13-18, 2022 – Phoenix Convention Center and Hyatt Regency in Phoenix, AZ

The AIChe Annual Meeting is the premier educational forum for chemical engineers interested in innovation and professional growth.  Academic and industry experts will cover a wide range of topics relevant to cutting-edge research, new technologies, and emerging growth areas in chemical engineering. For more information:  https://aiche.confex.com/aiche/2022/meetingapp.cgi/Home/0

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A&WMA / The Science of PFAS – Transforming Research into Action – November 8-10, 2022 – Durham, NC

As the concern for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) increases, A&WMA has developed this conference to bring together scientists, researchers, academics, practitioners, regulators, and the regulated community to discuss the current state of PFAS science and to help develop solutions for the future.  Dubbed “forever chemicals” by the media, PFAS pose unique challenges with their [...]

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A&WMA Call for Abstracts! Smart Growth: Balancing Development, Restoration, and Resiliency – June 2023

Abstracts for platform presentations due by November 15. Looking for the latest and greatest research, ideas, and solutions in the environmental industry on topics including, but not limited to: 2023 Mini Symposium — Smart Growth Hot Topics — Coastal Adaptation, Sugarcane Burning, Carbon Tax/Markets, Clean Technology, Zero Waste, Renewables Air Emissions Air Quality, Measurements, Modeling [...]

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A&WMA – Freight & Environment: Ports of Entry – September 29-30, 2022 in Oakland, CA

Held in Oakland, CA on September 29-30, 2022, this in-person conference will explore many solutions to reduce the environmental impacts of all freight transportation, focusing on air quality, noise, climate change and sustainability. The technical program will include panel discussions of experts in the field and forward-looking presentations on reducing impacts on the environment from [...]

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A&WMA – Guideline on Air Quality Models: Developing the Future – September 13-15, 2022 – Durham, North Carolina

Building on past successes, this conference will cover the latest research, experience, and thoughts on the state of the Guideline (Appendix W to 40 CFR Part 51) in advance of the U.S. EPA’s 13th Conference on Air Quality Models, expected in 2023. The information discussed will provide an important basis for proposed changes to the Guideline and will be one of the first [...]

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A&WMA Webinar – Practical Implementation of Environmental Justice in Policy and Air Permitting / Part 2: The Role of Community and Environmental Justice in Air Quality Permitting – Tuesday, August 16, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm ET

How might environmental justice affect your next air permit application? EPA’s Director of Environmental Justice Matthew Tejada is joined by state air quality directors to address the role of communities and environmental justice in permitting. EPA will review federal EJ tools being implemented to support the White House’s Justice40 initiative and future rulemaking. State leaders will review [...]

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A&WMA Webinar – Practical Implementation of Environmental Justice in Policy and Air Permitting / Part 1: Environmental Justice In Balance: Policy and Impacts on Regulatory Action – Thursday, August 11, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm ET

This environmental justice webinar series will review policy trends, Justice40, updates to federal tools, community engagement examples, and state air permitting perspectives. Part 1: Environmental Justice in Balance: Policy and Impacts on Regulatory Action Thursday, August 11, 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm ET This panel discussion on environmental justice will provide insights and information relevant to [...]

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